The science behind spelfie

Taking a selfie from space is a complicated process – it must be taken on the best satellites,

at the perfect angle at exactly the right time, all controlled remotely in space, from Earth.


But don’t worry - we have it all worked out.


Hover over the boxes below to find out more about our satellite, feasibility testing for spelfies and our app! 


the satellite

The Pleiades constellation is part of AIRBUS’s Defence & Space Satellite Programme, which provides ultra-high resolution images. Originally designed for military and civil use, it covers an astonishing 1 million square kilometres every single day! Pleiades are equipped with innovative, next-generation space technologies such as fibre optic and control moment gyros which enable us to get the best possible shot.

feasibility testing

Taking a spelfie is very complicated. Everything needs to be just right. In order to take the perfect spelfie, we need to test that the satellite will pass over at the right time, that the angle of the space camera will be less than 30 degrees off vertical and that weather conditions are likely to be ideal! We do this by communicating with the satellite directly from spelfie HQ.

the app

You can download our state of the art app from Google Play or the App Store. This app allows participants at your event to take their spelfie image and share it to their social media platforms seamlessly - giving them a memento that lets everyone know that "I was there!"