What is a spelfie? 

Spelfie is the world's first selfie from space. It is an innovative new user experience and influencer marketing tool all wrapped into one. Give your guests a unique digital souvenir from your event to prove "I was there!" 

Spelfie; a social check-in from space.

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Capture the feel-good factor of a digital Mexican wave and bring your brand and event to life with spelfie. Want to find out how? Spoiler alert: It's not a 500km selfie stick!


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Applications of spelfie

Is spelfie right for you?

With fantastic marketing applications including fan engagement & brand activation, the possibilities with spelfie are endless. Here are a few examples of applications of spelfie and their benefits for your campaign, brand or event.

large events & festivals

let guests share their amazing experience

Spelfies are ideal for large events & festivals. We can capture your entire event from space, including specially designed branding to be seen from our satellites. Your guests will get their digital souvenir, and you benefit from a huge amount of social media attention PLUS the ability to push offer notifications to your event attendees, straight from the app. 

social movements

let's save the world together

You're trying to change the world - and we want to help! No matter what your goal a spelfie could be the ideal way to promote your cause. For social movement spelfies, we open up your spelfie to a worldwide audience, to get maximum coverage from your supporters.  Get creative and design a giant beach mural or capture a charity event from above and spread your message far and wide on social media! 

travel & tourism

capture your destination from space

Whether your'e part of a tourist board or are holding an event in an exotic destination, a spelfie is an ideal way to capture your destination led event from space! Share what makes your destination special, give your guests an incredible experience and then advertise directly to your customers using our state of the art app.