What is a spelfie? 

Spelfie is the world's first selfie from space. It is an innovative new user experience and influencer marketing tool all wrapped into one. Give your guests a unique digital souvenir from your event to prove "I was there!" 

Spelfie; a social check-in from space.

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Capture the feel-good factor of a digital Mexican wave and bring your brand and event to life with spelfie. Want to find out how? Spoiler alert: It's not a 500km selfie stick!


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Applications of spelfie

Is spelfie right for you?

With fantastic marketing applications including fan engagement & brand activation, the possibilities with spelfie are endless. Here are a few examples of applications of spelfie and their benefits for your campaign, brand or event.

large events & festivals

let guests share their amazing experience

social movements

let's save the world together

travel & tourism

capture your destination from space