First Steps...

the end to end process

You've decided to add spelfie to compliment your event marketing strategy - but what's next?


Hover over the boxes below to learn about the preparation, activation, data and reporting opportunities with spelfie. 

tasking &

1. introduce spelfie to brand/sponsors

2. check feasibility with dates & satellite angles 

3. integrate spelfie into your wider marketing activation strategy

4. create bespoke activation programme based on your needs

5. finalise contracts & branding, both physical & digital

6. set up the event in-app & task satellite

activation & promotion

7. start promotion of your spelfie event

8. harness any major influencers or celebrities attending your event

9. use our push notifications to promote event & push traffic to your website

10. use screens around your event to promote uptake 

11. use social media during and after your event to interact with your attendees

12. receive full bespoke report on the results of your spelfie event including engagement, reach & shares. 

13. receive website traffic & conversions from push notification offers, trackable on your own Google Analytics dashboard.

14. receive hyper-targeted data set from website traffic driven from your spelfie

data & reporting